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In this blog I have created a haven, a place I allow my deepest emotions to go and sit. I can write easily about what I’ve accomplished. This biography I can recite in my sleep. But I’ve always written poetry and in diaries since I was a teenager. I continued to write poetry in my journals, and not until 2006 did I show them to anyone. I generally write every day, at the present in memoir form. I haven’t written poetry since my mother died in January, 2007. I didn’t write at all between her death and the death of my father three years later in January, 2010. On my father’s birthday in March, 2010, I began this blog, to honor my father and to help me grieve. But I also desperately needed to write, and this stream of conscious style emerged. I needed to find my organic voice.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mumbo JUmbo

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to have my blog printed, a copy for myself and a copy for my Ro-Ro.Worlds moving, changing, and through a photo shoot for a Breast Cancer Fundraiser, I learned of a writing group who might be interested in having me. I went, and, it was very low key. I don't know if it will end up being the place that works for me. I bring my writing forward for criticism, not kudos for how great my writing already is .   I want to explore the place writing will occupy; it's a natural as breathing to me. My blog is taking a new diversion on the path. After so much purging, I am feeling a little dried up. Perahps what will happen is crafting the blog in to a book. And beg some people to publish it.

I am feeling able to talk about my parents' passings with more detachment...they are people I loved, but my memories are ar now truly mine. This makes me said. Tears come and go as they wish; I have given myself over to tears when they come, and my newest friends are comfortable with my newer, vulnerable self. That is very cool. My old friends seem very uncomfortable with the last few years of my life. If I am waxingpoetic, perhaps their time in my life is done, as we continue moving on our own separate journeys.

Very, very tired after this week. Still tired, will be hitting bed early, so I can get a headstart in this busy week. Mondays are the roughest of the week.  Wish me luck with treating former friends as acquaintence but still monotorig myself/

Beautiful day, Lauren. You're somone I hope to get to know you better.
Must sign off to tryin disconnecting